Intermediary FAQ’s

Thank you for considering Hanley Intermediaries as a prospective mortgage provider for your clients.

Please find below the answers to the most commonly asked questions…

Q – Where do you lend?

A –  We lend throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Currently, all mortgage products are available throughout England and Wales. Our Self-Build and Residential mortgages (including RIO but excluding Near Prime and Shared Ownership) are available for mainland Scotland and applications for Scottish Islands are on a referral basis only. Please note, we do not offer our Buy to Let mortgages in Scotland.

Q – How do I get a Decision in Principle (DIP)?

A – If you are registered with us, please log onto the portal, and you will be able to generate a DIP.

Q – Who do you accept business from?

A – We accept business from FCA registered organisations with access to our products though Caereus Financial Limited, Quilter Financial Planning, Legal & General Mortgage Club, Personal Touch, Primis (AMF), Primis (AMF), Primis (FC), PMS, Sesame, SimplyBiz, TenetConnect Limited, TenetConnect Services Limited, TenetLime Limited, TMA and Paradigm Mortgage Solutions.

Q – How do I get a ESIS?

A – You can get a ESIS by using our online mortgage application system.

Q – Where can I get an application form?

A – Please follow and complete the online application process; there is no longer a need to submit the application form to us. You will still be required to print the declaration page once you have completed the online application and your clients will need to sign this. If you require an application form for data capture purposes, it can be found in our downloads section.

Q – What is the maximum number of applicants? 

A – The maximum number of applicants per application is 2.

Q – What documents are required to apply?

A – For a list of required documents, please click visit our Intermediary Supporting Documentation section.

Q – How is The Hanley assessing income under MMR?

A – The amount we will lend is based upon your client(s) income and expenditure. The income and expenditure you enter will be cross-referenced to bank statements, and outgoings may be sense checked against statistical data (ONS). The stressed mortgage payment will be calculated by applying a stress rate of 6.00% to the monthly payments.

Q – I’m having problems with my username and/or password; what can I do?

A – Firstly, please double-check you are using the correct username and password as they are case-sensitive.

If you have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on the login page, where you will find a link to access your username and/or password.

If you registered with Hanley Intermediaries before February 2017, you would need to re-register. Please go to, where you will find the Intermediary online register.

Ensure all cookies are cleared and any other windows closed; it could be beneficial to try another browser (for example; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox)

If you log all the correct details but receive an error message, please screenshot and send it to us at to let us know. We will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

If the problem is still not solved, please call our broker helpline on 01782 255000 Option 1 Hanley Intermediaries, Option 1 New business enquiries