Lending Criteria – Buy to Let

This section of our criteria is all about Buy to let. We have broken each element down, please click the required link from the list below to read each element.


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BTL Applicants

The following are not acceptable for BTL applications:-

  • Guarantors
  • Where the mortgage introducer is also the applicant
  • Where the applicant is related to the vendor

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BTL Employment and Income

In addition to the standard criteria used for assessing Employment and Income the following is applied to BTL applications.

The Society offers 3 different types of BTL lending;

  • Standard
  • Ex Pat
  • Consumer/Regulated

Standard and Ex Pat are not regulated and as such are subject to slightly different criteria in terms of evidencing income and affordability. This table summarises what income can be used to support the differing applicant types:-

BTL Lending Type Rental Income Assessment Affordability Assessment
Standard y y Where rental income is insufficient
Ex Pat y x
Consumer/Regulated x y

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BTL Minimum Income

A BTL sole applicant is required to meet the below minimum income levels. For joint applications, at least one applicant should meet the minimum income levels.

Loan Amount Minimum income requirement – basic/pension (gross)
Loans up to £200,000 £20,000
Loans from £200,001 – £300,000 £40,000
Loan for £300,001 – £500,000 £55,000

  Income from housing allowances, rent allowances and state benefits are not considered. <– Back

BTL Applications Based on Rental Income (Standard and Ex Pat)

Rental income based lending is not applicable for Consumer/Regulated Buy to Let mortgage (please refer to BTL applications based on affordability) Rental income (as confirmed by the valuer) must equate to 145% of the mortgage payment (interest only) which is based upon the a minimum interest rate of 6.66% Example: £100,000 x 6.66% x 145% = £9657/12 = £804.75 (the rental income confirmed by the valuer must be equal or more than this figure)

For cases where this requirement cannot be met a full affordability assessment is required. For Ex Pat BTLs a copy of the AST and the latest 3 months bank statements are required to evidence rental income if applicable. <– Back

BTL Applications Based on Affordability (Standard and Consumer/Regulated)

Income Type What We Can Use
Rental Income – New BTL
  • Full rental income can be used on the affordability assessment.
Rental Income Existing BTLs
  • Full rental income will be included subject to an AST and 3 months bank statements showing rental income being provided.
BTL Mortgage Payments
  • New and existing BTL payments will be calculated using an ICR of 145% and interest rate of 6.66% 
Residential Mortgage Payments
  • These will be recorded at their current pay rate.

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BTL Tenancy Agreements and Occupancy

The property must be:-

  • Available to let immediately and remain available for letting throughout the term of the mortgage.
  • Let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months.

The following tenants/tenancies are not acceptable

  • For traditional BTL applications only – renting to family members
  • Multiple tenancies
  • Student lets or Holiday lets
  • Asylum seekers
  • Sale and leaseback arrangements

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BTL Exposure

  • Maximum portfolio exposure to Hanley Economic Building Society is £500,000
  • No more than 3 Buy to Let properties in total (this includes unencumbered properties)

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BTL Property Requirements

  • BTL properties must meet a minimum EPC Standard acceptable rating of A – E only

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Ex Pat Requirements

  • Applicants must have held a current UK bank account for a minimum of 3 years at the point of application
  • Applicants must not have lived in the property or have any intention to live in the property in the future
  • Applicants must use a UK Solicitor
  • Applicants must engage a Managing Agent to oversee the property. Full details to be provided on application
  • Applicants must make mortgage repayments in GBP from a UK bank account in the borrower’s name

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Ex Pat Identification and Verification

In addition to standard Identification and Verification, the following additional criteria applies to Ex Pat applications;

  • 3 separate documents are required as proof of current address
  • 3 years consecutive address history (to be recorded on the mortgage application form)
  • Proof of last UK address
  • Original documentation must be certified by the applicant’s overseas bankers or solicitor/notary in their country of residence
  • The introducing intermediary cannot certify these documents

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Ex Pat Acceptable Countries

Applicants from Ex Pats residing in the following locations are permitted.

Austria Denmark Hungary Luxemburg Romania
Belgium Estonia Iceland United States Singapore
Bulgaria Finland Ireland Netherlands Slovak Republic
Canada France Italy New Zealand Slovenia
China Germany Japan Norway South Korea
Cyprus Greece Latvia Poland Spain
Czech Republic Hong Kong SAR Lithuania Portugal  

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