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Average number of days for case assessment for a fully packaged application


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Note: the timescales quoted are averages and can change depending on volumes.

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**This is based on a fully packaged case with no additional information required and there being no delays in the valuer gaining access to the property.


Here at Hanley Intermediaries, we offer our broker partners a dedicated team to support you, a website filled with information and handy downloads!

We accept mortgage business from Directly Authorised and Appointed Representatives of the following networks and mortgage clubs;

  • Quilter Financial Planning Solutions Limited
  • Quilter Financial Services Limited
  • Quilter Wealth Limited
  • Quilter Mortgage Planning Limited 
  • Quilter Financial Limited 
  • Lighthouse Advisory Services
  • Legal & General Mortgage Club
  • Paradigm Mortgage Services 
  • Personal Touch
  • PMS
  • Primis (AMF)
  • Primis (FC)
  • Sesame
  • SimplyBiz 
  • TenetConnect Limited
  • TenetConnect Services Limited
  • TenetLime Limited
  • TMA

We underwrite each case manually with no credit scoring and give you timely decision making which will result in a straight talking yes or no decision.

You will have direct contact with your case underwriter for personal service and we welcome your feedback.

The amount we will lend is based upon your client’s income and expenditure, with the income and expenditure cross referenced to bank statements and outgoings and may be sense checked against statistical data (ONS).

The stressed mortgage payment will be calculated by applying a stress rate of 6.66% to the loan amount.

The Society’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) will increase from 7.99% to 8.49% on 1st December 2023.

Please note will carry out additional affordability checks in light of the current economic situation.

Application Submission in just a few simple steps ….

  1. Please check our Criteria to ensure that your customer meets the requirements
  2. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for any other information you may require
  3. Please ensure that you show your client a copy of our General Mortgage Information
  4. With our online application process, you can produce an ESIS Illustration and/or a Decision in Principle (A Soft Search is carried out on DIP submission). You can then submit your client’s application online giving you instant processing and submission. With the addition of facilities such as uploading documents and our messaging service you will be able to process and track the progress of your applications

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